Stoytime: Midnight's decisions

Storytime: Midnight's decisions

I couldn't sleep, I felt euphoric that night. It was like 2 am and my heart was beating so fast, and even whenever I tried to stop it was like the beat went faster and louder in my chest. I started to feeling anxious, anxious of going out and the see the dark sky, anxious to explore the town, anxious to live a midnight adventure. So I did it. I ran out of my house to took the train, I wasnt that kind of girls who do that kind of things, but that night everything's felt different.

When I stopped running, my body was hurting because i wasn't used to do that things; the night was cold but I felt so hot, my cheeks burned and the energy that floated around of me was incredible. And then, I saw him. He looked lonley and fucking sexy, he smelled like alcohol and cigarrete and his face screamed "I am bad boy"; such much different then me, I think I probably looked silly in that moment. In fact, he shocked me for a minutes; I was about to run when I realized that he was looking at my with that deep blue eyes and he smiled me, but it wasn't a cute or a sexy smile, he was laughing of me.

-You're afraid- he said. -You are just a silly small town girl, but calm down sweetie... i wont hurt you- I just stayed there, paralyzed. He could do anything he wanted with me and none will see or hear. But instead of get my self home I sit next to him. -Look honey, I'm not a bad boy, I'm just a guy who wants to runaway of this hell town; anyway, do you want a cigarette?- He said. -No, I'm fine. However, I'm Hannah.- He smile to me and this time was real. -My name is Tom, so Hannah where are you going?- He said. -Don't know... far away, to the city maybe. What about you?- I said while he was drinking vodka. -Nowhere, maybe the city too. Don't you want a little?- He was a little bit high but still looking damn hot. -Yeah, give it to me- I said. -Woah, woah, girl stop. Do you really think I would give you this without nothing back.- He was joking, i knew it. But i wanted it to play the game too. -Well, you're right. So, what do you want from me?- I got really close to him. And, in that moment I could heard his heart beating, I could felt his breath  in my cheeks... and, I also felt his hand touching my hand. His lips touching my lips and his hands moving through my body.

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When the kiss end up, I was hot, he was hot and the night felt warm. We spend the rest of our time talking and kissing, but then we hear the train and that's when i knew my night adventure had over. -Tom, this was an incredible night but...- He didn't let me finish. -Go with me, i know you want to come back, but see: the city is waiting for us. I know i'm kinda crazy but I like you. Stay with me.- 
I took a minute to think, maybe two; but the truth was that I like him too, and I've never had live something that amazing how I lived tonight.

So when the train came up i said -Yeah I'll go with you, cause I like you too and with you, my dreams can make come true.-

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Hola hola, esta es una historia en la que he pensado hace días y que de hecho me gustó mucho. La escribí en inglés porque la pensé de esa manera, sé que esto no tiene nada que ver con moda pero realmente quería compartirla. 

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